When you start a new game, you will see Prof. Oak. He will tell you about himself and about Pokemon. Then, you enter your name and your rival's name. When the game begins, you will be in your home with a SNES. Walk to the bottom floor and out the the door and into the tall grass. Prof Oak will stop you and tell you that wild Pokemon appear there. He will take you to his lab where you can choose your starter Pokemon.

Bulbasaur is the easiest choice because it will get you through the first few gyms easily. Squirtle is also a good choice because it will also defeat Brock. Charmander is the worst choice because it will make it hard to beat Brock and Misty.

In Pokemon Yellow, you get Pikachu instead of the starters. Later on, you will get each of them.

After you pick your starter, your rival will pick whichever pokemon is powerful aganst your pokemon. Then, the first battle will start. Gary will have a level 5 C/S/B (in yellow, Eevee) and you will have a level 5 (insert the name of your starter here.) Keep using scratch/tackle and you probably will win. If you defeat him, your Pokemon will grow to level 6 and you will gain 200 Poke. If you win, he will leave and say "Smell Ya Later!" Your pokemon will also be healed.

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